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Whether you are moving to another country, leaving for a new city or just relocating down the road, protect your possessions from the moment packing starts right up to the time they are unpacked on arrival at your new home. No matter where you move to, or how you choose to move, be it by land, sea or air, GIG’s Relocation Insurance is the peace of mind you have been looking for.

Our product is designed to meet your insurance needs so you can focus on making memories. We offer cover for your:

  • Personal Belongings & Household Goods
  • Motor Vehicles

Good to know

  • Your Personal Effects should be valued at the current market value at destination, i.e. the approximate replacement value of the item at destination.
  • You can’t insure part of your cargo. It is important that all cargo, without exception, is insured under this policy. Selection is not allowed, and could result in affecting your cover/claim settlement, if any.
  • The policy only includes cover for cargo stored in the ordinary course of transit in the Packer’s or Agent’s warehouse at destination and not at any other location. There is no cover once the personal effects are delivered to your new residence at destination.
  • If outward packing or cargo is found to be damaged or packages found to be missing, when cargo is delivered by the carrier/their agent, please issue a qualified receipt, noting the shortages/damages, In no event should a clean receipt be issued to the carrier.
  • Loss or damage should be notified to GIG as soon as possible within 15 days of delivery of goods at destination.


Professionally Packed Items – Full Conditions (Comprehensive)

Comprehensive protection is provided for loss or damage, fire and theft for the insured items whilst being packed, during transit and after arrival at destination. Your items will be covered when stored at the packer premises before and after arrival at destination and your cover will only end/terminate when your items are delivered and/or unpacked at destination.*

Additional Storage - if you require longer storage periods at Origin and/or at Destination, this can be arranged up to a maximum period of six months at underwriter’s discretion and subject to additional premium.

Special Extensions for Personal Effects - any one or combination of the following extensions can be included to your comprehensive cover, at an additional premium:

  • Mechanical, electrical or electronic derangement extension – Covers loss or damage caused by electronic and/or electrical and/or mechanical derangement, provided the item is not over six years old.[1]
  • Climatic or atmospheric conditions or extremes of temperature extension – Covers the loss or damage due to climatic atmospheric conditions or extreme temperatures. This policy will be extended to cover loss or damage which is reasonably attributable to mould and mildew.[2]
  • Pairs and sets extension – In the event of loss or damage to any item or items forming part of a pair or set, liability will be limited to a reasonable and fair reduction in value of the pair or set.

* Terms & Conditions apply

[1] Subject to the items professionally packed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation, wherever possible.

[2] Subject to the goods professionally packed. Underwriter’s maximum liability is restricted to 75% of the declared sum insured.


Owner Packed Items – Limited

Protection for the loss or damage to:

  • Insured items in the event of a major casualty to the carrying conveyance (air, sea or land).
  • Total loss during loading and unloading.
  • Fire, explosion, lightning, natural catastrophes and sea or river water hazards.
  • Please refer to the policy wording for more details.


How to submit your claim

If you would like to submit a claim, our dedicated claims team can help you anytime, anywhere.

Call 800 2921 and one of our customer service representatives will guide you through your claim.