Main Covers for Large Corporates

(More than 50 employees)


Comprehensive plans with access to a wide range of local and international plans.

Our Comprehensive Plan includes cover for In-patient, Out-patient, Dental, Optical, Maternity and various other benefits provided by different types of medical providers across the globe including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, medical centers, radiology, dentists and optical. Please check our providers' locator to find medical providers closest to your area.

Cover for Pre-existing and Chronic conditions.

All plans provide you with cover for any pre-existing conditions (whether chronic or not) from day one. (6-month waiting period may apply for new members who join insurance for the first time without continuity of cover).

Bespoke Benefits extensions.

Flexibility to add benefits in your policy such as; Wellness (Health check-up), Alternative/Complementary treatment, Maternity, Dental, Optical, and Psychiatric treatment. These are additional benefits which can be included in your insurance up to a maximum limit according to the plan you choose




International Emergency Medical Assistance (IEMA)

International Emergency Medical Assistance is available for Regional and International plans. Our evacuation and repatriation service are available 24/7 anywhere in the world. If you and your insured family can’t get the treatment needed locally we will arrange to take them to the nearest place where treatment is available.

Online Reimbursement claim submission for out of network claims

There is no monetary limit for a customer to upload their claim through the portal however we may ask for the original documents if it is a large amount. All information related to submitting a reimbursement claim can be found here

Online portal access for easy addition/deletion of employees for large corporations

Emergency Number   +974  44128733



Main Covers for Small & Medium Groups

(Less than 50 employees)


“Health Secure” plans are designed for small and medium group companies that include between 2 to 50 employees. GIG offers you comprehensive range of health insurance plans to meet your employees’ healthcare needs and provide them with best protection against the unexpected medical expenses which may accrue due to sickness or accident.

These plans include wide range of benefits arranged according to three main areas of cover: International, Regional & local prepared to suit your different budgets and will give you direct access to best medical facilities around the world.