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Prepare to set sail for your next voyage. We’ll handle your claim swiftly and efficiently, and you’ll feel the sea breeze again in no time.

Submitting a Claim:
1. Complete the online claims form to notify us and start the claims process.

Time saving Tip: Make sure to submit all the required documentation to speed up the process. If you don’t have everything, our team will be in touch to request what is needed.

2. Once submitted, you will receive a claims reference number with next steps.

3. Ensure your repair estimate is pre-approved before commencing repairs!

GIG may wish to depute a surveyor, and once the repairs are completed as agreed by GIG/ the surveyor and you, GIG will require the Final Repair Invoices and a proof of payment.

Take note if you are responsible for the third-party repairs:
If the third- party pays the charges that are agreed by GIG for the repair of their boat and then asks you for reimbursement, you can simply choose one of these options:

1. Reimburse the third party and collect a Discharge Letter from him/her, as per the format which shall be sent by GIG.

2. GIG can reimburse the third party directly, after collecting a Discharge Letter from him/her.

Also, if you pay to the repairers the charges agreed by GIG for the repair of the third party’s boat, make sure to collect a Discharge Letter from the third party as per the format which shall be sent by GIG.

If you require any further information related to your Yacht insurance policy, please contact us on:

UAE: 800 292

Bahrain: 800 010 60

Oman: 800 702

Qatar: +974 4412 8733