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Easy claim submission.

Simply complete our online submission form by validating your policy information and after receiving all the supporting documents we can process your claims within 15 working days.

Once your claim is submitted,we will send you a claim reference number via email, which you can use at any time to track the progress of your claim.

In case any required documentation is missing, or if there is a need for additional supporting documents, you will be duly notified via email.

Important to note: GIG reserves the right to request for the original documents as part of processing your claims so we strongly recommend that you retain the original documents until you have reimbursed your claim.

If you require any further information related to your GIG Travel Plan, please contact our customer service representatives on the numbers below:

UAE: 800 292

Oman: 800 702 92

Bahrain: 800 010 60

Qatar: 800 292 1

International: +971 4 429 4003

Emergency Hotline for Medical inpatient cases: +971 4 429 4003